Transport arrangements

Transport arrangements2018-12-24T12:24:26+00:00

Selecting transport method for patients and patients accompanying person.

  • In the case of airplane travel, our highly trained staff undertakes to find and book tickets, as well transfer the patient and chaperones to and from the airport.

  • In the case of  personal transport, our highly trained associates will be waiting to guide you to your accommodation.


Throughout your journey, we provide you with the ability to communicate with our partner to guide you whenever necessary.

  • In the case of  qualified ambulance transport, we will provide all the necessary instructions throughout the trip and also arrange cross-border procedures.

  • In the case of  air medevac request, we can provide transport via airplane equipped with medical staff and equipment necessary for the patient’s health, as well as transporting the patient and chaperones from the airport to the medical facility.

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