What is TomoTherapy?

TomoTherapy is a unique radiation delivery system with a built-in CT scanner that combines imaging and treatment delivery, referring to every patient with radiotherapeutic indication.
Its precision and its ease to operate enables it to simplify even the most complicated cases.

How does TomoTherapy work?

Within 5-10’, the 3D radiation dose is delivered with high precision with a 360-degree rotation around the patient, providing protection to the adjacent healthy tissues.
Daily treatment uses daily CT images (CTrue) that verify tumor’s exact positioning and dimensions during the radiotherapeutic procedure.
Therefor, it enables, if necessary, the adjustment of treatment’s planning, making treatment customized to every patient’s need.

Why TomoTherapy?

TomoTherapy enables the delivery of radiation to the targeted tumor with high accuracy and precision, while sparing healthy tissues and minimizing side effects.


  • There are no restrictions concerning the size, shape, type and location of the tumor that will be radiated.
  • It spares adjacent healthy tissues.
  • Everyday it confirms tumor position, before each treatment, in order to deliver radiation dose in the best way.
  • High precision and accuracy of TomoTherapy enables the repetition of the treatment in the case of recurrence of the disease, with considerably less side effects comparing to the traditional radiotherapy.