Diagnosis Confirmation

After contacting the company, you will be required to provide a record containing the following:

  • patient data (date and year of birth, gender, residence address, etc)
  • medical history
  • recent imaging assessment (X-Ray, CT, MRI, etc)
  • results of recent blood tests
  • note of the patient’s current state (ambulatory or bedridden patient, etc)

A medical board of expert specialists will assess and evaluate patient’s data and subsequently suggest indicated therapy.

The present service is free of charge.

Doctor / Clinic Selection

Our people suggest medical services and subsequently select Doctors and Clinics together with the patient, in order to undergo indicated treatment.

Within a couple of days, we inform you of the results of medical board’s opinion and in case you decide to move on, we proceed to doctors and clinics joint selection.

We propose expert doctors based on their scientific achievements and experience. We also suggest accredited hospitals where patient is able to meet the expense of high quality medical services provided.

Transport arrangements

Selecting transport method for patients and patients accompanying person.

In the case of airplane travel, our highly trained staff undertakes to find and book tickets, as well transfer the patient and chaperones to and from the airport.

In the case of  personal transport, our highly trained associates will be waiting to guide you to your accommodation.

Throughout your journey, we provide you with the ability to communicate with our partner to guide you whenever necessary.

In the case of qualified ambulance transport, we will provide all the necessary instructions throughout the trip and also arrange cross-border procedures.

In the case of air medevac request, we can provide transport via airplane equipped with medical staff and equipment necessary for the patient’s health, as well as transporting the patient and chaperones from the airport to the medical facility.

Clinic Check-in & Therapy

After doctors and medical facility selection, we arrange the check-in at the clinic.

We are available, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week during your treatment and therapy.

Our expert advisor will receive reports from your treating doctor and the clinic regarding your progress and the results of your therapy. They will keep you informed and be available to answer any of your questions.

Accommodation & Settle

We offer you a wide spectre of accommodation capacities which can meet all of your needs and demands.

Criteria for choosing accommodation are:

  • close distance to the chosen medical facility
  • quality of stay (fast and easy access, wi-fi, heating, air conditioning, elevator, parking) as well as
  • patient’s ability to meet the expenses.

We undertake patient and the accompanying person’s daily transport from the place of residence to the medical facility and back.

Medical Information

Throughout your treatment (therapy), we are able to provide daily information on your health and your therapy to your attending doctor in the country of your residence.

This communication will continue after you return to your country, in consultation with your attending treating doctor, in case of check-ups as well as for monitoring your health progression.